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Fixed-price data audit

Whether you use commercial software or write your own tools, a data transformation or cleansing process can lead to unexpected results. It's imperative to validate changes before applying them to a production environment or committing the changes to a data warehouse. We're offering a new data audit service that leverages our powerful tools to provide clear visibility into your data and changes made to that data.

Service Description Total Records Price
ETL Audit

Cleansing Audit
Send us 2 text files: one containing fielded data before a transformation or cleansing process, the other after. We will return interactive HTML reports that show every difference in every field, including multiple levels of summary. up to 1,000 Free*
up to 10,000 $1,000
up to 100,000 $2,000
up to 1,000,000 $5,000

Subsequent comparisons against either dataset are priced at 50%. (Not available for the free service). Half of the total purchase price of our ETL Audit service or Cleansing Audit service may be applied to a subsequent product purchase made within 12 months. (We expect to offer a full data quality audit service in the near future; please contact us if you have specific requirements.)

* to qualified companies

Data Quality projects

Our professional services team is ready to help make sure your data quality project is a success. Possible tasks include:

  • Extend Profile with domain knowledge that is specific to your data, including custom fields (e.g. part number).
  • Create Transform rules for your data (teaching you a bit of regex in the process if you like).
  • Add street-level address verification against postal service data (via the CASS standard in the US and similar standards in certain other countries).
  • Extend Match with algorithms tuned for your data.
  • Customize Match to report on dup groups from a high-end cleansing product.
  • Integrate DQ Now with a packaged application (e.g. Siebel) to cleanse and dedup each record as it is entered.
  • Add a custom API to simplify integration with your internal systems.

Related projects

As one might expect from our background, we're available to assist with other tasks. Successes to date include:

  • Intranet quoting system with integrated product configurator, featuring multiple search options that lead to single result list.
  • Installed-base reporting system with multiple data sources/schemas and user-specified hierarchy.
  • Tech support knowledge base with integrated fielded and full-text search plus a highly-configurable result list.
  • Automatic generation of HTML and Java data entry forms from single XML representation.
  • Custom "diff" which preserves the current tags and ignores tag changes.


  • Automate tasks and workflows.
  • Organize and present information ("information architecture").
  • GUI design to achieve simple + powerful.

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