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DQ Now AUDIT 1.0 compares data before and after a transformation or correction process, identifying and categorizing every changed value. AUDIT features interactive HTML reports that provide several views of the data and multiple levels of summary, allowing data analysts to validate the data in record time. Validating changes before applying to a production system or storing in a data warehouse reduces the risk that unexpected results will lead to costly and time-consuming rework.

Interactive Reports

Modification Statistics - Summarizes changes by field and type of change, with drill-down to any row, column, or cell.

Modification Outline - Shows the most common changes for the selected field and/or type, with drill-down to see every change, and drill-up to summary information.

Frequency Distribution - Lists the distinct values in the selected field, showing number of occurances and percentage. Offers several display options, including most common and least common on a single page.

Several major additions are underway. (Please emailsend any specific feature requests or emailcontact us if you're interested in beta testing.)


AUDIT is written in Java using J2EE technology wrapped around a bundled SQL database. AUDIT's Web-based interface provides intranet access to data analysts, end users, and management with no additional fees.


A software license costs $25,000. The price includes 2 days of professional services and free upgrades for 12 months.

We also offer a set of fixed-price services, including a free trial for a sample of up to 1,000 records (to qualified companies).

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