DQ Now's ETL Audit & Cleansing Audit services reduce risk & rework

New fixed-price services provide a clear view of every change.

North Andover, MA -- June 28, 2002 -- DQ Now is pleased to announce two new fixed-price services. The ETL Audit™ and Cleansing Audit™ compare data before and after a transformation or correction, identifying and categorizing every changed value. DQ Now delivers interactive HTML reports that provide several views of the data and multiple levels of summary, allowing data analysts to validate the data in record time. By validating changes before applying to a production system or storing in a data warehouse, customers reduce the risk that unexpected results will lead to costly and time-consuming rework.

Market Need

With technology spending under tight scrutiny, the current priority of most IT departments is to get a better return from existing investments. Whether a data transformation project uses commercial data quality software, an ETL product, or in-house code, DQ Now's delivered reports reduce the time required to understand transformation results by a factor of 3. Packaged as a service, the audits require no software installation effort, no configuration time, and no ongoing maintenance cost.

"We've worked hard to organize and present the relevant data for maximum productivity," said Scott Lawton, President & CEO of DQ Now. "To see how our approach delivers will benefit any data transformation project, we encourage companies to take advantage of our free trial. Send us sample data; we'll send back a richly cross-linked set of HTML reports that provide clarity and depth, saving time and reducing risk."


$1,000 for a maximum of 10,000 records; $2,000 up to 100,000 records; $5,000 up to 1 million records. A free trial for a sample of up to 1,000 records is available to qualified companies.

Technical Background

Effective data transformation requires iterative refinement. Adjust parameters that drive the process; run it; review results to identify modifications that are not appropriate and to find any remaining problems -- then adjust parameters to address these issues and run again. DQ Now's ETL Audit™ and Cleansing Audit™ services support this process by providing a clear view of changes, with drill-down from high-level summaries to exact differences highlighted at the character level.

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