How we work

As a team, we've been delivering innovative solutions since 1993. Here's our approach.

  • Listen to users (and managers!) to quickly understand the problem.
  • Narrow the scope to focus on essentials.
  • Apply ideas from related fields to create novel solutions.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology when it genuinely offers "better, faster, cheaper."
  • Avoid minefields.
  • Use the best tools.
  • Deliver the most important functionality -- based on a modular, flexible architecture.
  • Enhance based on client priorities.

We believe that the best way to create software that solves real problems is iterative refinement -- the complete opposite of "big design up front." Users simply don't know what they really need until they have something in their hands to work with. Some firms emphasize "on time, under budget"; we emphasize quick solutions to the biggest "pain points" followed by incremental enhancements to address the broader problem.

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