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DQ Now is a new division of PreFab Software, Inc. These quotes reflect customer views of our earlier products and services.

The DQ Now team delivers results. With a keen appreciation for business goals, they excel at extracting, distilling, and prioritizing user requirements. To this they add deep technical skills and a flexible development process. We've been very happy with the substantial contributions they've made to several intranet projects that streamline the work of our worldwide sales and support organizations. Whether taking the lead or working as part of our in-house teams, they've earned the respect of Rational staff at multiple levels, across departments, and around the world.

We know we can always count on the DQ Now team to deliver high quality, high impact solutions with an excellent return on investment.

Beth Friday
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Services
link_outRational Software
Rational, one of the world's largest software companies, provides a development platform that improves the speed, quality, and predictability of software projects for companies worldwide, including 96 of the Fortune 100.

PreFab's products are an extremely valuable part of our workflow automation. The quality and usefulness of these tools led us to engage PreFab services to develop specialized applications for our unique day-to-day activities in the production of documents for the world of finance and mutual funds. The delivered applications were so well thought out that they have not needed updating even though the commercial programs they interact with have gone through several revisions in the last couple of years.

PreFab has been a critical partner in our success with automating the production of thousands of financial documents.

Larry McMunn, President
link_outMcMunn Associates, Inc.
Provider of document automation to the financial industry

I've brought in a wide variety of outside professionals over the years, ranging from individual contributors to well-known consulting firms. The DQ Now team tops the list. Nowhere else have I found their combination of sharp analysis, high-performance delivery, and a clear focus on end users.

Their new product looks great: a flexible and powerful set of tools which will reduce your costs, lower your risk, and vastly improve the quality of your results.

Technology Director
Nasdaq 100 software company

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